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Hello you! Welcome to our little blog! We thought it would be appropriate that the first post is some sort of an introduction to the reason behind why Masonry Studios even exists! So to the question of “Why we started Masonry”, the short answer is that we want to make a difference in our creative industry.

And the much more interesting, long answer is well, the rest of this blog post! Cheers!

We have crazy dreams to shape an industry

It has always been our dream to do the things we love and make a decent living out of it. We couldn’t really find what we were looking for, so we decided to build it.

We are based in Singapore, a small country concentrated with very educated individuals. However, our creative industry is small and very much still in its infancy, with a lot of its potential left untapped or migrated to ‘greener’ creative pastures overseas.

Bright minds here definitely have the potential to propel our creative landscape, but with an overall lack in creative opportunities, the talent pool tends not to stay. Building an environment that reinforces a creative structure that inspires both artist, and audience together could help! We might be a little crazy, but we believe that we can help with that, and in turn shape Singapore’s creative industry.

Masonry Studios was founded with a shared vision for a sustainable creative business that is bi-directionally value-adding to both Client and Studio; We deliver world-class work, and the studio is compensated fairly. Upholding this vision is hard work, but it has allowed us to creatively grow at a sustainable rate!

A brief history

We started out in a spare room, with two pre-loved (2012) Lenovo workstations that we are still using to-date! is a great place to great secondhand workstations! Homemade audio panels plastered around the wall because Nic does the music and audio design too!
And…Ta-da! Masonry today! Where we are fortunate enough to purchase our own office space! With many machines, many square feet and many talented creatives!

So what’s the point of this blog?

The point is sharing! I mean the creative industry — like all others — are made up from the sum of many parts, and we strongly believe that there’s a huge benefit to sharing and growing together. So this blog is an effort to share our vision and learnings with all creative friends and clients alike.

We figure that since the future is collaborative and dynamic, we might as well start writing now! (No time like the present eh?) Hopefully this blog can help provide some insight for anyone looking to start or join a creative studio in Singapore — or anywhere for that matter! And of course, we want to learn too, so we welcome your opinions!

In summary, the point of this blog is to share the things we feel are important. And in doing so, help and learn from each other to build a strong creative community that benefits both artist and client as a whole.

And speaking of things we feel are important, we’d like to share our vision for the studio and why we decide to do the things we do!

Masonry Studios in a nutshell

We want to build a creative environment that provides 3D artists a sustainable route to a meaningful creative career. One where we produce high quality work that invigorates global interest from clients looking for future-ready creative CGI solutions.

There are a few key terms in that long sentence, so let’s break that down to the following:

  1. Building a Creative Environment
  2. Sustainable Route to a Meaningful Creative Career
  3. High Quality Work that Invigorates Global Interest

1. Building a Creative Environment

The environment in this case is the studio! But more importantly how the creative space within the studio is carved out! It’s the intangible safety of allowing the mind to wander and explore. We must risk sounding stupid for the opportunity to discover great ideas. Even more so, Asians tend to be rather conservative in voicing out opinions for the fear of being “wrong or embarrassed”. So our goal is to constantly find ways to empower young artists to speak up and carve their vision into the world. We’ve found that actively being stupid and silly first helps encourage others to speak up. and thatspending the extra brain muscle to explore the feasibility of a seemingly ‘bad’ idea can lead to wonderful results and foster stronger creative hub.

Overall, it’s an ongoing process of shaping our environment as there are always new types of artists! So although there really isn’t a master solution that can be easily applied, there is an overall concept which can be thematically applied to every creative discourse — which is that there are USUALLY no bad ideas. Just either misaligned or unpolished. And it’s the director’s job to steer it or polish it together with the participating artists. Interestingly, I just found this article that seems to agree with us! Read “Why bad ideas lead to good ideas” (Link)

2. Sustainable Route to a Meaningful Creative Career

The art of making sure we get paid well for doing good work under healthy working hours. It’s tough, but it’s worth to constantly ensure that the type of work we do not only pays well, but also opens doors for the artists working on them.

Get paid well to do good work, under healthy timelines? I mean it’s quite obvious when it’s written down, but some times the pressure secure a job forces us to give in to an unhealthy timeline or an under-budget project; a delicate balance between paying the bills and facilitating creative growth. So when faced with this dilemma, we try to remember that every time we accept an unsustainable job, we are actively choosing to hurt our artists and clients in the long run.

The thing is that we can’t blame clients for unreasonable timelines and budgets if we the service providers are undercutting ourselves. To the client, it might just seem normal and/or a good deal. And it’s easy to see how this can spiral into a self-perpetuating issue. It’s important to remember that every time a value is tested, it’s is an opportunity to strengthen it or weaken it. And it stacks.

When the means to achieving quality work is sustainable, we can do it for a long time, and that would benefit any forward looking client. And consistent quality over time in most cases equate a higher value proposition. And that’s the kind of career path we want to build for everyone at Masonry!

3. High Quality Work that Invigorates Global Interest

The bread and butter of our studio; High quality work. But what on earth is high quality? …High resolution? Intricate details? ‘Wowza’ effects with big bang explosive feelzZzZ? In some ways it’s none and all of them at the same time.

The deal here is that we feel very strongly that at the end of the day amidst all the art, design and media stuff, the one thing that’s gonna stick is messaging. And the crux of messaging is story telling. So regardless of the medium, duration, language or region, as long as we are targeting humans, we are going to be telling a story one way or another. And at masonry we work really hard to tell visually stunning stories. Humans just remember stories better, and that helps our clients when the videos we make are easily memorable!

We equate ‘high quality’ to the meaningful application of visuals to a particular story and messaging. So while high the resolution is and details in the renders are desirable qualities to have, we place a very high importance on how visual stories communicate to the target audience.

About the founders.

No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure, but because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally encounter consequences that are extremely painful.

“But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness.

Do good work, and let the world know

-Ronald Fong

What he said 👈

-Nicholas Chia
Nicholas Chia

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